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Learn to read between the lines. When you are informed of what comes and goes in relation to your finances it can give you a secure feeling. For instance, at work, you are a natural team player as well as a leader.

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Mix with the people who are in the decision-making positions and your career can step up a level. You have the power to set your own benchmark, use it! You have an uncanny way of knowing if something is going on behind their back, so if someone is silly enough to try and pull the wool over your eyes, they are in for a big surprise.

Keep your wits about you over this next period of time to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. You have the control to choose your life and what road you travel along for your journey. Cast aside reticence about the future and make a decision here and now to achieve your goals.

The power of your mind is omnipotent. The attitude you portray can be the difference between winning and losing.

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The rich worry about getting richer and the poor are consumed with providing the basics of life for themselves. One sure way to increase your cash flow is to cut back on indulgent spending. Before you part with hard-earned cash, ask yourself if a purchase is something you want or need? Make your own decisions and follow through. Life can be confusing at times and when things become burdensome, take one day at a time.

TAURUS: Life presents choices and decisions which can lead to inevitable compromises.

What you do and when you do it is entirely up to you. ARIES: Not every partnership is going to be equal in all areas, but the mix of all areas should someahow balance out.

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For instance, if one partner has more money than the other, then the other person needs to provide something else in the relationship that compliments the relationship. With love, get ready to indulge in some romantic moments, but at the same time allow yourself to see the whole person or situation for what and who they are.

GEMINI: When you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result you are setting yourself up for disappointment. You are smarter than that and know when it is necessary make changes.


To gain kudos and respect from those at work, be creative to come up with a unique way to gain the same result from a different viewpoint. Remember, compliments are better than criticism. And be careful not to throw away a good relationship just because you hit a rough patch.

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