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Narendra Babu Sharma known as "Brahmanda Guruji" is a Hindu televangelist, actor, TV anchor, self-styled astrologer and spiritual guru. He is also believed to be a godman by many people [ who? Sharma has a degree in electronics and has attained a post-graduation degree with highest honors. He attained a doctorate degree from Allahabad University. He initially acted as a junior artiste in several Kannada movies [2] but, hit it big when he took on the guise of a Guruji and started the religious and so-called astrological programme called as "Brahmanda" on Kasturi channel.

His attitude and arrogance while talking to people made him popular. The only aspect that I was concerned was the rahu bhukthi. Looks like in his case the powerful lagna did the the trick. Sharmaji, Its sad to read your clarification. Mrinal has not written anything wrong to judge her sick job. Yes, this is sad for me too to observe some people acting like judge without being asked for.

Well done Mr Neel Astrology. You have made astrology your business.

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Shame on you and your prediction. It is clear now as Yoga Karaka and Bhagyesh Moon with Neechabhanga Rajayoga has elevated his position and there is no question of any danger to his health as Moon is not in the second house but in the Ascendant. This is another disgruntled soul looking to quench their thirst of making personal comments. And, this is really an irony that in our society such people are wandering without any leash. Am I the only astrologer whose prediction went wrong? But does that allow anyone of you to make such gross comments.

Anyway, you keep doing your sick job and I will continue with mine. If you read a wrong book you will go wrong.

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It is vrishchika lagan with moon giving Neech bhanga Rajyog. You are an idiot in astrology. Narendra Modi is going to be the next Prime minister of India. Stop fooling people with your incomplete knowledge. Very well Mr Vijay.

Usually I avoid publishing such gross comments; but, will definitely be publishing yours. I completely disagree with your opinion and am not worried at all. This was an honest analysis, which unfortunately went wrong.

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And, there are somany successful predictions in my lap to be happy and confident about my knowledge. Anyway, the sting of your adjective will always keep me motivated to improve and perform better in future. Mr Raj, your predictions were correct as per the data you used. Appreciating your courage for not deleting the article when predictions went wrong.. Raj Shekhar Sharma seems to be a brave man, he has not changed his pages when modi became PM. Sethu S Money. Modi is the fittest candidate for the Prime Minister of India. Deep study and naltical Amsa study are poor.

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Check it by occupying stars of every Planet. Dont be in a haste to predict false things. It is very interesting reading of Mr.

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Narendra Modi astro analysis, i just read today i am also novice in this study when i analyzed i have seen certain more information and wish to share. First of all fiery nature of Mr. Modi is not just in Lagna alone i feel lagna is correct but but we must notice Lagna and Mars kuja share same star only pada is different means it has big effect on personality traits.

Modi and failure because Mr. Already distruction of Congress Government in all fields specially started with FINANCE what ever taal claims and standings of Manmohan singh, Chidambaram, Montek singh ahluwalia all of them are running to cover themselves but they all will have grand death because of weak Astro position of the Congress candidate Mr. Rahul Gandhi. India birth chart also favours this because of kala chakra effect. Yes, as far as, the disposition of Jupiter and Venus is concerned; both planets are suitably placed and capable of promoting the horoscope for political success.

The only issue, which I feel, is the aspect of Rahu become debilitated in her Navamsha on Jupiter and the combust Mercury facing affliction from Mars also aspected by Rahu. And, the timing of elections is likely to have a strong say in the results as well as the horoscopes of her political opponents.

If the elections are held between Sept to Feb ; some good chances of success are there. Clean sweep by Jayalalitha ji is looking a bit doubtful though due to the transit union of Rahu with Saturn. Very good article and great discussion.. From all the discussion, I concluded that Moon-Rahu period was not good for him and I think it is correct because he got only seats but considering his popularity, his development and his hardwork, He should have got more than seats, But as his dasha was not favourable so he got much less seats.

I would like to know what future holds him if we consider the above time of birth. They had studied the Vrishchika lagna chart — the birth time being provided by one S. Hegde — and had predicted that Modi would win the polls but would not complete his third term as chief minister. The first part of the prediction came correct as Modi won the elections, but not the second part. Modi began his fourth term as CM after he won the elections in December This is the reason why i said saturn and venus in 10th is a rajayoga.

Also, they are conjunct in the 10th house. If you take a careful look you will see that he became chief minister at the end of Venus Dasa and Saturn Bhukthi. As soon as the mercury Bhukthi commenced he faced problems due to riots and that is because of Mercury being conjunct with Ketu. For Scorpio Ascendant Vrishchika Lagna , Saturn becomes the lord of third and fourth houses; and Venus becomes the lord of seventh and twelfth houses. But at the same time, Venus becomes the Maraka planet for Vrichchika Lagna besides being the lord of twelfth house; and Saturn is also papi due to its lordship over third house.

Ganesha, What time do you take as the time of birth of Narendra Modi?

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  7. I have been using pm. I am sorry for the error. Am I right? I adjusted the time in the software and came to the conclusion that he would have been born between and The difference in the time could be due to the preferences that I use to calculate. Mercury is 8th lord and 11th lord, he is expected to give mixed results but he is conjunct with kethu and sun. I therefore thought that he might be running venus-mercury-mercury venus-mercury-kethu.

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    Sorry for the delay in replying. As I have mentioned earlier, if he was Thula Lagna, his 10th lord would have been moon which is debilitated. And, the creation of GPP is very clear evidence in this connection. Since, the Astrological conclusions have to be based upon Desh, Kaal and Patra concept; and, no strong or effective opposition was observed in Gujarat Politics — therefore, No views or comments were offered regarding the Gujarat CM Elections.

    While, for the PM selection — there are many strong contenders and during that period, the weakness of his horoscope will also be comparatively grievous to cause decline in his political career. That is why, the chances of his being able to become PM of India in are observed to be almost Nil. My assertion is based on the rule that a person cannot become a leader with 10th lord debilitated and no planets in the 10th house and no planet aspecting 10th house.

    If he is Tula Lagna the 10th lord moon is in second house with no debilitation cancellation, no planet aspecting 10th house and no planet in 10th house. I agree with you that he has zero chance of becoming PM because he will be running Rahu Bukthi which is very unfavorable to him. Yedyurappa lost his CMs post during debilitated moon dasa. What helps Modi is the mars conjunct Moon.

    Besides this, the strength of Jupiter lord of third and sixth houses is also very prominent. The strength of Jupiter is the primary factor working in favor of Shri Narendra Modi in achieving political success and rest of the aspects of life are not equally supportive. Like, he usually remain under one or another controversy. Mere absence of any planet from 10th house can not be considered to be applied as universal rule to judge the horoscope for political career. As far as, debilitation of 10th lord is concerned, there are many charts, wherein 10th house lord is debilitated and the person has been reasonably successful in his profession.

    The quantum of success may be different like one may me MLA or MP only; but still, there are people who have been able to register their space in politics even with debilitated 10h lord. Due to certain reasons; I can not disclose the names. But, I will surely try to find out some common horoscope, whose details are open to everyone, having debilitated 10th lord but enjoying reasonable success in politics. As of now, I can recall the horoscopes of Shri L. I am not very sure about the absolute correctness of his birth details 8 Nov time 9.

    And, he is considered as one of the great political leaders of this country. Again, I can not claim to be hundred percent sure of birth details, but as per available horoscope, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee is Tula Lagna; and Moon is debilitated in second house of his Lagna Chart. Therefore, these are two different aspects; one is the quantum of success whether one reaches at the highest level or remains somewhere at mediocre level and the other is being able to remain active with reasonable success.

    The planetary placement in the chart determines the potential of a specific horoscope, and the Dasa helps in identifying the timing of the events. Category : Hindu gurus from India. Hidden categories: CC-Zero Self-published work.