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Here again the process involves perusal of the ephemeris to find the longitudes of the planetary positions at birth and their calibration to obtain a precise longitude of the place of birth. Finally the planets appear in our subjects Natal Chart as shown below:. Numerous questions arise in the mind of the Pundit when he sees the completed chart above. These relate , we have already seen, most importantly to the ownership of the Signs by the planets and their resulting status for the chart; whether they are going to be malefic or benefic for it.

Other issues include the presence of the planets together in a House conjunction , mutual relationship, their aspects on one another, their relationship to the Signs they occupy, their relationship to the Houses where they are located, their inherent natures, their significations, their strengths for the chart, whether they are well placed for the chart and beneficial or otherwise. The planets are the real protagonists apart from the subject. They are as complex as the subject whose life they are supposed to control and influence. I have in the preceding posts on Stellar India sought to give a detailed expose of the planets in mythology, popular lore and scriptures.

With the benefit of that detailed background we are in a better position to appreciate their true natures and the manner in which they are intended by providence to influence lives. We saw that the Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter are mutual friends, though the Moon is indifferent to Jupiter having eloped with his wife. Saturn and Venus are mutual friends and both regard the Sun and Moon as enemies.

Saturn furthermore regards Mars as n enemy. Saturn we saw is an estranged son of the Sun. Mercury views the Sun and Venus as friends. This friendship is reciprocated by Venus. Saturn views Mercury as a friend but this is not reciprocated. The Sun is a mild malefic. Saturn is entirely malefic and so is Mars. Jupiter is the most benefic of planets and Venus is benefic too. Mercury has an uncertain nature, mostly neutral, assuming a benefic or malefic attitude depending upon the company and location he is in.

When in the ascendant mode to full-moon it is benefic but when in its descent to no-moon it becomes malefic. The two Lunar Nodes are always malefic. Yet these inherent natures are subject to change for the chart. Thus a benefic need not necessarily bestow good fortune, nor a malefic, misfortune. For instance an inherently good person can cause you harm and an evil person can in fact be of advantage, depending on the circumstances.

These circumstances would include the House they occupy, the Sign they inhabit, the company they are in, their mutual relationship in a chart, the Houses on which their aspect sight falls. For instance a benefic planet in the company of a malefic in a House will lose some of his beneficial capabilities as also the malefic some of his evil intentions.

Further, if they are enemies they will disturb the tranquility of the House, much like two quarrelsome persons invited to a party will create tension there. Like friends together would create a positive environment in a House. Furthermore a planet in a Sign owned by an enemy would be unable to do good, much like a person in the house of a hostile person. Planets in friendly Sign, those belonging to friends, would be relaxed and able to act effectively to promote the prospects of the House.

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They may even develop special relationships, like being in mutual exchange of Houses, which would further enhance their capabilities and bring more powerful effects. He also proceeds to calibrate their strength Bal for the chart.

Jupiter – the generous planet of wealth and wisdom.

They could be infant, youthful, aged or combust, depending on their longitudinal coordinates which may place them in the first, second or third section of the constellation or too close to the longitude of the Sun. There are also other complex considerations on the basis of which the strength of a planet is determined. A powerful planet will do its job, good or bad with certainty, a weak planet will do it halfheartedly and a combust planet will be ineffective either way.

He notes first that none of the planets are in their own Signs, in exaltation or debilitation. Next he notes whether they are in friendly, enemy or neutral Signs, depending on who the owner is. The Moon is in a neutral Sign. Jupiter and Rahu are in enemy Signs and Ketu is in a neutral Sign. The Moon, Lord of the ascendant Sign Cancer, also happens to be the most powerful planet for the chart and being in ascendant phase at time of birth 14 Shukla Paksh — day before full moon is in a state of empowerment. These factors make for a strong and well placed Moon, which is going to be a positive influence for the chart, If the Moon was, say in the 11th or 12th House and was weak and in the dark half of descending phase, the picture would have been quite negative.

The placement of Mars, already emerging most auspicious for the chart, based on its ownership of Signs placed in a Central House, the 10th and a Triangular House, the 5th — becomes even more auspicious by getting located in the most powerful House of the Holy Triangle, the 9th house, which is the House of fortune, spirituality and righteousness.

The placement of the Sun and Mercury in the 5th House part of the Holy Triangle is also quite positive.

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They too are not enemies, though Jupiter is indeed in an enemy Sign, while Saturn is not. Venus is in the 7th House, which is not considered positive because Venus is the significator of the House of marriage and sexuality and according to scriptures being in the house of which it is a significator disturbs the issues with which both are concerned. The placement of Rahu in the 2nd and Ketu in the 8th are causes of worry, both being inauspicious planets and unfortunately placed.

Of course there are pitfalls as well, as in any life. The Pundit has also to take into account the question of aspects their sight falling on a House where another planet is located of planets on one another and on the Signs and Houses. Most cast a vision on the seventh House at degrees from where they are, including the location. Saturn, Mars and Jupiter have multiple visions in addition to the standard seventh.

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Once the Pundit knows which House is aspected by the planets, he makes conclusions according to scriptural aphorisms on aspects. When a planet aspects a House, its inherent benefic or malefic nature affects the issues concerned with that House.

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Jupiter a benefic brings positive effects from its aspects on the 3rd,5th, and 7th Houses, namely Houses of achievement, progeny and spouse respectively. As the sun is in the 5th House Holy triangle it also sends positive energy to the House it owns, the 2nd. Likewise it brings benefits to the Houses owned by Mercury which is also aspected by it in the 5th House the 3rd and 12th Houses.

Mercury — malefic — inauspicious but generally ineffective being combust. We observe that thus far the exercise has been merely to describe the conditions of the playing field and the strengths and weaknesses of the protagonists and how they are likely to interact to determine the destiny of the subject.

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This will show broadly how each House will be affected favourably or adversely in respect of the issues within its jurisdiction. The precise and detailed predictions would come at the second stage when it would have to be analysed to what extent the generalizations apply or to what extent they have to be modified. This exercise would involve a detailed examination of each House in the chart which we will attempt in future posts. Finally we need to note that Jyotish astrology has two aspects — the Math.

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Ganit and the predictions Phalit — fruit. The Phalit is derived from scriptural verses attributed to the legendary sages of the period of the earliest Vedas, prominent among whom were the sages Parashar and Jaimini, the first emphasized the role of the planets while the second stressed the importance of Signs for predictive astrology.