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It is precisely for this reason, that we place so much importance andstress on Kundali Ganit in our curriculum. Your prediction can be just as good as the accuracy of the Chart.

And in no other field of astrologyis this more relevant than in the use of Fixed Stars in predictive astrology. Hence, it will be realized that immenseaccuracy will be needed to arrive at the appropriate assessment of the results of these Fixed Stars. There are many pitfalls in predictive astrology, especially when following the FixedStar route for analysis. Let us evaluate them serially. However, experience shows that in certain cases, evenother aspectual patterns merit attention.

More particularly and most avoided is the Parallel aspects inastrological analysis of Fixed Stars. Students are requested to bear this in mind always. Andthese may be of varying result.

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Hence the stress on accuracy of casting a Horoscope. To add to theconfusion, some very few Stars have an Orb ranging from 4 to 7 such as Regulas Magha at thetail of Leo and Formalhaut at the commencement of Pisces. These niceties need to be taken care offor a balanced assessment of the Chart. In other words, Stars of the First Magnitude are the brightest as seen from the Earth and thenreceding in brightness so that the Sixteenth Magnitude Stars are the faintest.


Mercifully, forpredictive astrology, we take into account Stars of the first four Magnitudes only. This of course, is notdone at random. The nature of these Planets indicate and reflect their own Nature to the Stars. Normally, where two or more are known to lend their nature to the same Fixed Star, the one which isplaced first is know to be of Primary influence while the second and subsequent Planets are onlyconsidered to be imparting their Secondary Nature.

FIFTHLY, it will be observed that the Fixed Stars are broadly divided into certain groups, such asfriendly or evil Star groups, violent in effect, Stars affecting the eyes or causing deformities in body,etc. Spica Chitra is considered tobe the most auspicious of the Fixed Stars, but it has South Declination and hence can be of very littleuse to the native of Northern Hemisphere. This should never be lost sight of. Lastly, interpretations of Stars should never be taken literally but should be applied according to theconditions in which he lives or as per the placement in the individual Chart.

For example, CaputAlgol is considered to be the worst of all the Fixed Stars in its effects. Normally, it is said to givephysical blindness in certain placements as with the Ascendant, sun or Moon. But if it is placed onthe Tenth Cusp, then instead of physical blindness, it can make the native blind to the situation inwhich he is place karma blind as the Tenth house represents Karma.

Now, let us refer to the Nirayana and the Sayana systems as far as this branch of astrology goes. Each Nakshatra is ruled by a Planet and each Pada is also ruled by different planets. These nakshatras are made up of one or even thousands of Stars. Hence they are consideredas Fixed. Conclusion:From the very elementary but nevertheless, extremely important exposition of Fixed Stars givenabove, the student must have realized that what we know is merely, or rather, not even the proverbialtip of the iceberg. Much devotion and determined meditation, accompanied by incessant research,with an open mind, without any pre-conceived bias alone will reveal the hidden esoteric meanings ofNature.

However, a precondition to enter this vast ocean of knowledge is extreme humility, with noplace for ego at all, in the pursuit of Divine Truth. I have gone through the entire thesis of Prof.

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Anthony Writer twice over. On your part when youstudy this painstaking research thesis yourself, you will realize that only the Planets but even FixedStars affect life on Earth. The cae studies given in this thesis is the practical application of vasttheory that precedes them. Each one of these case studies need to be studies and understood and thenapplied by yourself to new charts that may pass your hand. I congratulate Prof. Writer on his very painstaking accomplishment, on a subject which most wouldlike to avoid at all cost, and have no reservation in suggesting that this thesis be recommended by theExecutive Committee of Jyotisha Bharati as a standard Text Book for the advanced students ofJyotisha Visharada Course.

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Many of the knowledgeable scholarshave not made attempts to utilize this knowledge in the interpretation of charts for variousreasons known to them only. Some of the reasons are as follows :There is very scant literature and that too is not easily accessable to the interested readers. The literature available is at times terrifying and it is the normal nature of the human mind toshun away from fear and take solace in easy and light topics of astrology.

The application of fixed stars for interpreatation of events from the natal chart needs themind to be trained and accustomed to the rigours of a correct degreecal chart. Thoughdegreecal charts are available through various software programmes, by force of habit wetend to skip what the degrees of the zodiac means and slip into the the ocean of lightliterature and mythology. This has created an atmosphere of striving for progress andsuccess with very little discipline and hard work.

Non-availability of latest material, which is mostly written and published in the West cannotbe purchased due to the cost factor. Even related software programmes become very costly. The serious Indian student has to spend a lot of time in travelling to and fro from home tooffice and back, that too in congested transport systems.

This consumes a lot of time andenergy and by the end of a long day, he is totally fagged out. Hence, very little time isavailable for study and research. Taking the above points into consideration in a generally frustrating and hectic environmentthat demotivates students with vacillating minds, I have attempted the following :To make available as much material available in this study of fixed stars and related topicssuch as constellations, the people who contributed to its study from ancient times,quotations, illustrations, etc.

Wherever possible, the names of the authors, articles and books have been mentioned. The thesis attempts to link the thought processes of the ancient civilizations to moderninterpretations. The method used for interpretation is that the natal chart degreecally cast is foundation, andthe degrees on the angles, cusps, luminaries and planets falling on the fixed stars are takeninto consideration with an orb one degree generally. There is some flexibility of the orb for - 15 -Jyotisha Bharati Prof. This flexibility is permitted due to experienceof results obtained from my study over the years.

The characteristics, interpretation, etc. Further to this, information on the fixed stars is given in Part III, in alphabetic order.

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Thematerial is taken from the website of Anne Wright, who gives both the positive and negativesides of the effect of the fixed stars. The native can suppress the negative points thataffect his character and destiny and highlight and work on the positive one, therebytransforming himself completely. Our sages have said that through yoga and tapasya onecan change the course of destiny.

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In the modern world any person who spends years day inand day out to study a subject, sacrificing everything, is also undergoing penance. By sucha sacrifice he has moved away from the path of worldly attractions.

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No astrologer should pinpoint negative traits when there are good points for development. This method can only give hope and optimism to the common man, who is already confusedand feels let down due to the changing times and stress of modern life. The simple method used in the thesis backed by the vast information from various sites,articles and books, reference of which is given in the bibliography could be a beginning inresearch and exploration of this complicated subject of fixed stars. The thesis is divided into two sections: 1. Part I deals with the information and theories in astrology and the fixed stars since the dawn of ancient civilizations.

Attempts have been made to incorporate information and thought a very simple manner. Part II deals with case studies divided into two sections processes from different astronomers and astrologers in: a Case studies of celebrities b Case studies of persons known to me and whose events in life have been witnessed and recorded by me real names are not mentioned due to the ethics binding us by the code of secrecy. The astrologer should take into account all the other points like signs, elements, triplicities,quadruplicities, planets, the degrees of the zodiac, the harmonics, etc.

The case studies make the above pointsclear. Further, I only hope that interested readers and serious students will make use of it forapplication in chart reading because attempts have been made to use fixed stars inprogression and transits in the case studies.