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Agha Baheshti's astrological predictions for Pakistan in 2019 l GNN Morning Show l 31 Decemver 2018

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Fillipe Angelino lipefaam View Profile. Hussein Ali hu. Samer 3lezj View Profile. RezaZia rezazia. It was a large building, outside of the walls, on the sea-shore. Kostantiniy- yeh, which is an ocean of men and beautiful women, such as is to be found no where else.

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  • It is said, that ifa thousand men die and a thousand and one are born, the race is propagated by that one. Sieges of Constantinople, In the forty- third year of the Hijreh A. They next proceeded to the islands of Istanko'i Cos , Sakiz Scio , Medelli Mitylene , Alimaniyah Lemnos , and Bozjah Tenedos , which were taken in a few days ; and they immediately afterwards laid siege to Kostantaniyyeh, having taken four hundred ships in their passage, and inter- cepted all vessels laden with provisions coming from the White or Black Sea. Secof id Siege. In the fifty-second year of the Hijrah of the pride of the world A.

    Thus, for six months, did this host, which had the fragrance of Paradise, contend day and night with the infidels. By the wise decree of God. Ebu lyyub their leader suftered martyrdom in one of these assaults, by an arrow from a cross-bow : but, according to a sure tradition, he was received into mercy i.

    In the year of the Hijrah 91 A. The fourth Siege. They established their winter-quarters that year in the town of Belkis-Ana, near Aidinjik Cy- zicus , in the district of Brusah, and in the following spring they laid siege to Islambol, and reduced the inhabitants to the greatest distress, by laying waste all the surrounding fields and meadows. The Jifth Siege.

    Pakistani politicians

    In the year of the Hijrah , 'Omar ibn 'Abdu-l-'aziz, having become khalif of Sham Syria , sent an army of , men, by land and by sea, against Islambol, and crossing the Strait of the Black Sea at Ghalatah, conquered it, and built the mosque of the lead magazines ; and the mosque of the Arabs Arab jami'si in that suburb was likewise named from its havino- been built by. Having erected a lofty heaven-aspiring tower at Ghalatah, he called it Medineto-1 Kahr the City of Oppression. He made peace with the Tekkiir of Islambol on condition that Mohamedans should be allowed to settle in that city, from the Crooked Egri and Adrianople gates, and the hill on which the Suleimaniyyah stands, to that of Zirek-bashi, and from thence by the flour-market un-kapani as far as lyyub Ensari.

    Another condition on which this unilluminated Tekkur emperor obtained peace, was the annual payment of a tribute kharaj of 50, pieces of gold. His fleet having met near Rodosto one of two hundred sail, sent by the infidels to succour the Tekkur, a great battle ensued ; and just as the infidels were about to be destroyed, a stormy wind sprung up and drove both fleets on shore, notwithstanding all the cherubims in heaven emulated the zeal of the true believers on earth.

    ThesLith Siege. In the year of the hijrah A. The seventh Siege. Seventy-four years after the peace made with Mervan, in the year of the hijrah A. The eighth Siege. Sixteen years afterwards, A. He then returned to Baghdad, having levied the tribute kharaj due for the last ten years. They were attended by three hundred fakirs and three hundred followers, and were received by the new king with innumerable honours. He immediately set to wuik, and with the aid of his own three hundred fakirs and Baba Ja fer's three hundred followers, buried those many thousand martyrs in the places where they had died.

    In the ancient burying ground behind the arsenal, there are large caverns and ancient vaults, where, from the time of 'Omar ibn 'Abdu-l-'aziz, some thousand companions of the Prophet had been buried. To that place Sheikh Maksad carried some thousand bodies of these martyrs, and buried them there, where, on a hewn stone, there is written in large and legible characters, so that it may be easily read, this inscription, said to be by the Sheikh's own blessed hand : These are the men wlio came and went! They came and went, what have they done? At last to th' endless world dari Imka they're gone.

    It is to this day celebrated throughout the world as an extraordinary inscription, and is visited by travellers from Rum Greece , 'Arab Arabia , and 'Ajem Persia. Some of them, who, in the expectation of finding hidden treasures, began to work at these ancient buildings with pickaxes like Ftrhad's, perished in the attempt, and were also buried there. Some holy men make pilgrimages to this place barefoot on Friday nights, and recite the chapter entitled Tekasur Koran, chap. It has been also attested by some thousands of the pious, that this burial ground has been seen some thousands of times covered with lights on the holy night of Alkadr i.

    In short, Seyyid Baba Ja'fer, Harimu-r rashid's ambassador, having been enraged, and taking ott'ence at his not having been well received by the king Ghinindo Mihal, reproached him bitterly, and suffered martyrdom by poison in consequence of it. But when God be praised! The ninth Siege. Having taken possession of the straits, they blockaded the city, cut off all its supplies, gave no quarter, slew , infidels, took 70, prisoners, and made an immense booty, which they sent to Haleb Aleppo and iskenderun, and then returned laden with sjKiils to Baghdad. Yaghfiir void of light , the king at that time, was taken prisoner and carried before Harun, who gave him no quarter, but ordered him to be hung in the belfry of Aya Sofiyyah Sancta Sophia.

    He also read to me the history of Yan van, from which these extracts are taken.

    List of Historical Structures in Isfahan Province

    Concerning the Sieges of Constantinople by the Ottoman Emperors. The first portion of the descendants of Jafeth which set its foot in the country of Rum Asia Minor was the house of the Seljukians, who, in alliance with the Danishmendian Emirs, wrested, in A. On the extinction of the Seljukian dynasty, A. GOO A. He resided at 'Osmanjik, from whence the dazzling beams of the Mohammedan faith shed their light over Anatoli, Germiyan, and Karaman. In the time of his son and successor, the victorious O'rkhan, seventy-seven heroes, friends of God evliyau-l- lah, i.

    From thence he proceeded to the conquest of Con- stantaniyyeh.

    Agha Baheshti Prediction About Imran Khan - video dailymotion

    The brain of the whole army of Islam being thus filled with sweetness, the shores of Rum were many times invaded, all the neighbouring country was laid waste, nor were the infidels kafirs able to make any resistance ; while the Moslim heroes found means of raising a noble progeny by being tied with the knot of matrimony to the beautiful virgins whom they carried off".

    Sultan Murad I. He therefore first took Edreneh Adrianople , and filled it with followers of Mohammed coming from Anatoli, while the infidels could not advance a step beyond Islambol. Cossova , near the castle of Vechteren in Rum-ili Romelia , where, by the decree of the Creator of the world, they were all put to the sword by the victorious Khudavendikar Murad ; but while walking over the dead bodies in the field of battle, praising God, and surveying the corpses of the infidels doomed to hell duzakh , he was slain by a knife from the hand of one Velashko, who lay among the slain.

    The assassin was instantly cut to pieces, and Murad's son, Yildirim Bayazid Khan, mounted the throne. In order to avenge his father's heath, he fell like a thunderbolt on Kafiristan the land of the unbelievers , slew multitudes of them, and began the tenth siege of Kostantaniyyeh. The Tekkur king J. Rose mosque. A court of justice was established in the Sirkehji Tekiyeh in that neighbourhood; Ghalatah was garrisoned with six thousand men, and half of it, as far as the tower, given up to the Mohammedans.

    Having in this manner conquered one half of Islambol, Bayazid returned victorious to Edreneh. Timur, therefore, advanced and encountered him with a countless army.