Virgo is most compatible with which zodiac sign

They can often be easily turned off by the smallest things, and taken together, these traits can make finding the right partner a bit of a struggle. That is, unless you know the zodiac signs most compatible with Virgos , which is honestly half the battle. OK, so maybe I'm being too hard on my sign, but then again, that's also very much a part of the Virgo personality. They are their own harshest critics. While they have extremely high standards for the people in their lives, they hold themselves to the same exact standards, if not higher ones. This earth sign is extremely grounded and generous with the people they care about most.

When you're going through a hard time, Virgo is the first person there to offer support, and when you're successful, they are thrilled to cheer you on.

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Although they may secretly take some credit for all that constructive criticism they gave you along the way. While Virgo may not be the most expressive in terms of romance — they tend to find traditional romantic gestures a bit cheesy — they show their love in more practical, everyday ways.

They are always taking their partner's feelings into consideration and try to be there for them in ways they never knew they needed. It's a practical form of romance, but with the right person, it's a very effective love language.